premium solutions for effective feeding

Innovative solutions for alimentation of uniformed services and personnel in crisis situations

What do we do?

Kadar is a Polish provider of innovative food solutions for the needs of uniformed services and people in crisis situations.

We offer a wide range of products that we skillfully combine in a nutrition system tailored to the needs of the customer.

In the process of creating our products we use the latest advances in science, knowledge and experience of many specialists, market and environmental reality and the cultural conditions of the location, where our solutions will potentially be used.

stol torby
stol zlozony
namiot jedzenie

many elements - one coherent whole

High quality food standards
Product durability
The speed of preparation
Optimization of resources
NATO standards

Until now, only single products or pieces of equipment were offered, which partly helped the functioning of the aforementioned groups in relation to the specificity of their tasks.

Kadar, using the many years of experience of the owner and other employees and co-operating with entities from many countries, combines the elements into one well-functioning system, ensuring proper food protection for consumers operating in different terrain and climate conditions, who have no access to stationary food facilities.

let us show you our solutions

Check our offer in person. Pick a date where, with all the necessary equipment and product of your interest, we will show you in practice the use our system in the field and answer all your questions.