About Us

Kadar is a Polish provider of innovative food solutions for uniformed services and people in crisis situations. We offer a wide range of products, mostly „made in Poland”, successfully used in many countries. In the process of creating our products, we use the latest advances in science, knowledge and experience of many specialists, market and environmental realities and the cultural conditions of locations where our solutions are potentially used, and their use is preceded by a series of tests and tests conducted in extreme conditions.

Our strength is following the development, advancement of knowledge and initiating and seeking new concepts, solutions and methods in the field of nutrition in situations of inability to use nutrition in the traditional way. Using the knowledge and experience of our staff we offer specific solutions for the functioning of the nutrition system in a variety of conditions. Kadar’s offer includes ready-made food rations, which are designed to provide full-day nutrition for:

  • Soldiers in operations carried out in garrison, field or war conditions,
  • civilian population and emergency services in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies if fresh food is not available.

Our nutrition concept includes, among others:

  • frequent and sudden changes of stationing places,
  • very short time for preparation and delivery of meals to subdivisions,
  • diversity of the terrain and climate conditions of the area of ​​operations,
  • effective protection of nutrition for individual soldiers or groups without the possibility to use the logistic facilities of the parental units,
  • interoperability of activities.

The benefits of using our products are:

  • ensuring the needs of the soldiers in terms of energy and nutrition in all climatic and field conditions,
  • simplicity of preparing meals which comes down to just heating up products which compose the ration,
  • variety of methods to heat up meals to ensure the effectiveness of this activity, depending on available equipment,
  • optimizing time, effort and resources needed to protect the food, especially under demanding field conditions.

These features make our solutions mobile, interoperable, autonomous and logistically independent. We follow the principle that success depends not only on the quantity but also on the quality of the means used, and above all the modern methods of utilizing them.

The mentioned achievements are possible mainly thanks to the work of professional staff, which is constantly improving its qualifications by acquiring new skills and scientific degrees. Familiarity with issues related to food, health quality, quality management systems and research activities, and extensive work experience allow us to successfully carry out further work on the development of equipment and food necessary for the proper functioning of the nutritional system in various conditions as well as promoting these solutions in worldwide market.

Our team



    • 2016 PhD degree (title of thesis: „Polish Army Ground Forces nutrition systems in Future Operations”)
    • 2015 Training: Responsibility of management influencing laboratory activities
    • 2014: Training: Statistical tools in the laboratory, quality control
    • 2013 Training: Practical application of sensory analysis methods in ongoing evaluation and improvement of food products
    • 2012 Training: Workshop on Authentication of Foodstuffs
    • 2012 Training: AQAP requirements in contracts for Ministry of Defense
    • 2011 Postgraduate studies at the Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw, in the field of dietary counseling – advances in human nutrition
    • 2010 Training: Statistical methods necessary to estimate uncertainty in laboratory measurements
    • 2009 Training: Quality assessment of meat and processed foods
    • 2008 Training: Internal auditor in the laboratory
    • 2008 Training: The role and responsibilities of technical leadership in implementing and maintaining a management system in a laboratory
    • 2007 Training: Quality management system in laboratory according to the requirements of PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025
    • 2005 Postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics – field of study: public procurement
    • 2004 Language course – English 1st degree
    • 2002 Language course – French 3rd degree
    • 1998 Postgraduate studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences int the field of valuation of real estate
    • 1997 Language course – French 2nd degree
    • 1996 Language course – French 1st degree
    • 1995 Specialized Training Course – field of study: food
    • 1993 Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun – MA in Economics
    • 1991 Senior Officers’ Training School – field of study: military collective nutrition
    • 2017 Founded Kadar
    • 2010 – 2016 Deputy Commander of the Military Research and Development Center of the Food Service in Warsaw
    • 2007 – 2010 Head of the Department of Food and Military Goods at the Research and Development Center of the Food Service in Warsaw
    • 2002 -2007 Head of the Food Service at the Training Center for Communication and Computer Science in Zegrze
    • 1998 – 2002 Head of the Department of Food at the Training Center for Communication and Computer Science in Zegrze
    • 1995 – 1998 Senior Material Section Officer, 13BZ Section „Czarne”
    • 1991 – 1995 Commander of supplies platoon 1 bcz, 6pz Walcz
    • 2017 Lieutenant Colonel of the Reserve
    • 2010 Lieutenant Colonel
    • 2007 major
    • 1998 captain
    • 1994 first lieutenant
    • 1991 second lieutenant
Quality manager, technologist


Quality manager, technologist
  • Graduated from the Food Technology and Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Agriculture in Wroclaw. Completed postgraduate studies in „Quality Management Systems” at the Wrocław University of Economics and „Dietary counseling and advances in human nutrition” at the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw.

    Karolina has extensive experience in food production technology, project development and implementation of new products. She is also a specialist in food safety management systems.

Food and nutrition specialist


Food and nutrition specialist
  • He graduated from the Faculty of Food and Human Nutrition and postgraduate studies „Safety and Quality in the Food Chain” at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

    Bartek has professional experience in conducting research, development and implementation work aimed at improving the diet and nutritional knowledge among soldiers, acquired during the work in the Military Research and Development Center of the Food Service.

    PhD student of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in the field of energy expenditure assessment and nutrition among military personnel.


The required quality and safety of our products are necessary for an efficient introduction of food products to the market, both in the civilian and military ones. For this purpose, the products offered by Kadar are going through multiple stages of tests and examinations.

The quality of our research is guaranteed by JARS Laboratory, which specializes in food research in many areas, including safety and quality assessment of products, food additives, food storage tests, nutritional value.

JARS Laboratory has a Quality System Certification in accordance with AQAP 2130, which allows it to carry out laboratory tests for the needs of military and manufacturing companies with military purposes. The AQAP 2130 document concerns the quality requirements of supplies to military institutions. The current certificate includes microbiological, physicochemical and sensory tests and sampling.

Another important document is Accreditation Certificate issued by Ministry of National Defense confirming competence to carry out activities related to conformity assessment of products intended for defense and security purposes.

In addition, JARS is involved in technical examination of accessories such as cutlery, cups, disposable trays and food heaters.

The scope of testing the accessories includes verification of design requirements (shapes and dimensions), usability requirements (thermal resistance and endurance), as well as resistance to high temperature and thermal insulation.

Depending on its type, the scope of tests of the heaters includes testing the completeness of the heating kit, the requirements of the application (heating efficiency, load strength of heater elements), testing the physicochemical requirements (reaction mixture or fuel tablet, smell), packing and marking the packaging.

JARS also offers a wide range of training, consulting and verification services, including food quality and protection, laboratory analysis, sensory analysis.

For more information on JARS offer in the areas of food, cosmetics and environmental protection, please visit our partner’s website – www.jars.pl (the website is available in English)