About Us

The quality and standards of our test are guaranteed by cooperation with the GBA POLSKA Laboratory.

For 20 years we have been a reliable and trustworthy partner in the field of laboratory testing for food, environment and cosmetics. Since 2021, GBA POLSKA is a part of the GBA Group, a European network of testing laboratories.
GBA POLSKA specializes a.o. in multifaceted food and feed testes, including product safety and quality assessment, nutritional value testing, storage, food additives.

GBA POLSKA holds a defense and security accreditation certificate issued by the Minister of National Defense. It confirms the competence to conduct activities related to the conformity assessment of certain products intended for the needs of state defense and security.

GBA POLSKA also has a certificate confirming the compliance of the implemented quality management system with the requirements of the NATO publication AQAP 2110: 2016. Thanks to this, it can perform laboratory tests for the military and companies producing for the military. The current certificate covers microbiological, physicochemical and sensory tests as well as taking samples.

In addition, GBA POLSKA handle the technical tests of accessories such as: disposable cutlery, cups, trays, bowls and plates as well as food heaters.
The ranges of accessories testing include, a.o. checking construction requirements (shapes and dimensions), functional requirements (checking thermal resistance and strength) as well as resistance to high temperature and thermal insulation.
The scope of tests of heaters, depending on its type, includes checking the completeness of the heating set, operational requirements (heating efficiency, resistance of elements to loads), checking the physicochemical requirements (composition of the reaction mixture or fuel tablets, smell), packaging and labelling of unit packages.

GBA POLSKA also offers a wide range of training, consultation and verification in the field of, among others: food safety and quality, laboratory analyses, sensory analyses.

More information about the comprehensive offer of GBA POLSKA in the areas of food, cosmetic products, environmental protection and field experimentation of pesticide products can be found on our Partner’s website – www.gba-polska.pl