Equipment and accessories

Specialized accessories and equipment allow you to prepare and distribute warm meals and prepare a feeding point in any conditions

Mobile feeding point equipment

The mobile feeding point equipment are tents, tables and stools. 4 people are able to quickly and efficiently set up the feeding point in 20 to 30 minutes. Tents appearing in two sizes can be combined in different configurations, creating a distribution point and a canteen.


  • Made of durable polyester fabric, watertight and resistant to adverse weather conditions. In addition, they are easily and quickly assembled and disassembled. Time of setting up one tent by 4 people: up to 5 minutes.

    Available tent sizes:

    • 3 x 3m
    • 3 x 6m

Tables and stools

  • A set consists of one table and 6 to 8 stools made of aluminum profiles and high-quality fabric materials. The whole folded in the form of a suitcase. Both tables and stools are characterized by high stability and are adapted to high loads. In addition, the tables have the ability to adjust the height. Time to set up one table: up to 5 minutes.


Food heaters are a very important element of every food ration. They give the possibility of heating meals, regardless of the weather and terrain conditions.


    • Used for heating meals, from an individual 24-hour food ration
    • Kit composition: foldable base, can grasp, fuel tablets, matches
    • Meal heating time to 62 °C: 5 min
    • Solid or gel fuel
    • Possibility to heat 2 dishes and 4 drinks


    • Used for heating canned food in aluminium packaging
    • Kit composition: PA/PE plastic bag, insert with exothermic substance, cardbord envelope
    • Heating process is activated by adding water to a bag with flameless heater
    • Meal heating time to 62 °C: 12 min


for MREs and beverages
    • Used for heating meals and beverages in doypack, from an individual single-meal food ration
    • The heater bag is reusable
    • Heating process is activated by adding water
      to a bag with flameless heater
    • Meal heating time to 62 °C: 20 min


    • Possibility to heat simultaneously 3 meals/ bag with water
    • Heating by adding water into a sachet with insert with exothermic substance
    • Meal heating time to 62 °C: 40-50 min
    • Water heating time to 80 °C: 20 min
    • Weight: 1,2 kg

Electric heater

  • Waterproof fabric. Nanocomposit heating mats.

    Variety of power suply:

    • AC-230 V
    • DC 12/24 V / car charger
    • solar energy

    Meal heating time to 62 °C: 40-60 min

    Water heating time to 80 °C: 20 min

    Weight: 2,5 kg


MRE type
  • Innovative preparation of MREs and beverages without usage of cooking facilities; adapter to frequent and sudden troop movements.

    Three independently functioning heating systems:

    • electric (AC-230 V, DC 12/24 V)
    • solar
    • chemical (flameless heating sachets)

    Assured preparation of hot MREs and beverages in all conditions, regardless of the accessibility to equipment and facilities.

    Mobility enables to feed crew of any armored modular vehicle during movement.

    • Effectiveness confirmed in research and test results
    • Autonomy and independence in military operation and activities
    • Compatibility with portable water filter

water heating bag

  • Doypack type bag with 6L capacity, plug and handle enabling. Pouring of water with ease. Closing cap with the ANYLOCK system.


    • water pack
    • food storage
    • ice & hot pack
    • personal belonging keeper
    • pillow for outdoor
    • fuel pack for emergency
    • air bag for emergency


    • reusable
    • watertight
    • airtight
    • ultra-tough


Products made of biodegradable materials, harmless to the environment. Despite being made of raw materials of vegetable origin, they show high durability and resistance to high temperatures.


    • Made of cane fiber
    • Designed for stacking and efficient handling and transportation
    • 7 chambers divided into: cutlery, bowl of soup, cup for drinks, 4 devision on the main ingredients of meal, indluding dessert
    • Provides thermal insultaion of dishes up to 100 °C for 15 min, 70 °C for 60 min
    • It keeps tightness for 2 hours at 70 °C in contact with reasy food and water
    • Lightweight: 55-60 g


    • Single-use, compostable, made of fully renewable resources
    • Coated 2-sided using a plant-based biopolymer PLA (not plastic)
    • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
    • Temperature range of use: up to 85 °C


    • Made of 100% recycled plant-based PLA – super low carbon
    • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
    • Renewable resources
    • Temperature range of use: from – 20 up to + 85 °C

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